Home-Sickness : Don't be Afraid of It !

And your are ready to Board the Dream Flight of your Career. Congratulations. Hope all your preparations are in place. You are leaving for a new country, it is the beginning of a new phase of your life. And lots of things are going through your mind. New environment, new country, different culture, different people. How I will manage everything al

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How Studying Abroad can help your Career

HOW STUDYING ABROAD CAN HELP YOUR CAREER Earning your degree abroad affords you several professional advantages. It makes you more appealing to agencies keen to hire graduates who are flexible, have expert communication skills especially multilingual skills, and are totally at ease in multicultural settings.   HOW DOES STUDYING ABROAD IMPROVE MY

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Your Ultimate Guide to pack for Schooling Abroad

  YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO PACK FOR SCHOOLING ABROAD. If you’re wondering how you’re going to fit your whole life and various lifestyles into two suitcases, you have found the right article.  I recognize college students need an in depth list of what to pack while planning on schooling overseas, and all of us get irritated whilst someone says “it’

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Landing in A Non-Native and Non English Speaking Nation

LANDING IN A NON-NATIVE AND NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING NATION. Leaving your home to attend college is a big step and also leaving your own home country can be even scarier than you imagined. In this article we will be talking about how to cope with studying in a non-English speaking country like Germany, Russia, China and so on and tips on how you can s

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Students First Two Weeks Abroad

A STUDENTS FIRST TWO WEEKS ABROAD What are those first two weeks at a University abroad really like? The first two weeks will be a blur of total chaos filled with Google Maps, new faces, new places, and you getting lost almost everywhere you go, you would get to sample new food and new classes. There are so many things to do in the first couple w

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Managing your Budget : Month on Month

MANAGING YOUR BUDGET MONTH ON MONTH Before we can talk about managing budget as a student we must first understand what a budget is, so what is a budget? A budget can simply be defined as a weekly, monthly or annual spending plan, which enables you to work out how much your income is, and compare that to your current spending. BENEFITS OF PLANNI

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