Home-Sickness : Don't be Afraid of It !

And your are ready to Board the Dream Flight of your Career. Congratulations.

Hope all your preparations are in place. You are leaving for a new country, it is the beginning of a new phase of your life. And lots of things are going through your mind. New environment, new country, different culture, different people. How I will manage everything alone, I will miss my family and friends. And many more thoughts like these. Trust me, you are not alone. The good news is, you don’t need to be too much worried. It fades away like smoke. Take this as an opportunity to bring out newer side of you, and enhance your personality

 Here are few key ideas students have followed to keep themselves motivated and to cope up with the initial few days of loneliness. Research Online & Just Do IT!

 Adjusting to a new culture  

does not mean that you have to change your own values, but it is important to respect those of other people. Go to the most popular sites to find out the attractions of the city,  to know the country's culture .Then, once you have a good feel for the City, begin to find the places you feel most comfortable and most important for your day-to-day life. Being physically active can help to reduce your stress level. Let it remind you why you decided to study abroad, in the first place!

 Observe the things

 Pay attention to both the verbal and nonverbal communication of others in order to get a more complete picture of what is going on. Take photos instead of sitting in a park thinking about how much you miss your family, you can stroll around looking for new blossoms, interesting moments Photos are also a great way to document your experience and your environment. Keeping a record of things that make you smile. Share your moments and with friends online and let them know how your new abode looks like. You will cherish these memories forever.

 Stay connected to your family and friends

Keep sending pictures of your new country and places you visit . This will give your days a fun purpose, keep you connected to those that are important to you and keep sharing your experiences abroad with your friends and family back home. But if you’re spending two-three hours every day talking to your parents and catching up on every tiny thing happening at your place , you’re not using that time to explore and connect with your new space. So make a healthy balance between home & the present place.

Find food

 that you enjoy right away will ensure that you always know what to order and where. Make sure you’re getting enough fruits, veggies and other vitamin--packed foods every day -- this can also be a great excuse to get out and explore new places to eat, or to improve your cooking skills

Schedule your time

 Figure out what you're going to do as a daily and weekly routine. This means not just waking up at the same time and cooking yourself a nice breakfast, but also incorporating something interesting -- like going to a nearby market for your groceries, or meeting people, etc.

It's not a good idea to hide from your problems, take 30 minutes of pure alone time in your room dim the lights, close your eyes, and just breathe deeply and relax. Taking this type of break can be very calming.

Learn Something New

This will keep your mind active. You may start learning a new language, and new Game, a new instrument, or just develop a habit of reading.

Talk to other International Students

about their adjustment to the new culture can provide ideas and insights about your own experience.

Temporary fixes

like alcohol, shopping, gambling, etc., are not effective ways to tackle loneliness or homesickness. What they do is suppress it temporarily and cause you to depend on ineffective coping strategies.

Remember that homesickness is a very normal thing and a phenomenon, which everyone goes through when they move abroad, and it is fine to miss home once in a while.


It’s an opportunity not everyone gets. Make the most out of it.


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